Looking for a Logo–*Contest*

Hello!  One thing that this website needs is a logo.  So I am announcing a logo contest.  The prize will be a basket of trans-related resources for you and/or your congregation.  There will be books, DVDs–even children’s resources! To enter, send the logo–with your name, address, email, and any other relevant contact information to dre.barb@gmail.com.

There are a few things we’re looking for and a few things we’re NOT looking for.  Here is what I remember of our conversation about what we’d like:

  • It’s important that the image not imply that transgender is simply “male, female, or other” or that being trangender is simply being between male and female.  So no combining of pink and blue or the “male” symbol and the “female” symbol.  While gender is often described as a continuum, we want to make sure our logo includes people who see themselves as “off the charts” or something that is different than “in-between.”
  • It’s important that our logo clearly convey that we are Unitarian Universalist.  We’ve played around with the word “TRUUsT” with the “U’s” coming together to form a chalice.
  • While we are part of the BLGTQQI community and we claim that boldly, we don’t have to rely on rainbows, triangles, or pink and lavender to make the connection.  Bold colors would be nice.
  • We need it to be print ready, scalable, and for you to be willing to donate it us. You will get credit on all publications with the words “Logo designed by…”(as well as receiving the nifty prize basket.)
  • We need all entries by June 15.  We will notify the winner by July 1, 2008.

Have fun being creative!


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