TRUUsT Calls on All Unitarian Universalists to Take Action to Support Trans UUs

take action.pngUnitarian Universalism is a faith that values gender diversity and affirms the sacredness of all genders. We strive to be a religion where trans people can find a spiritual home and bring forward spiritual gifts born of a unique and valuable perspective on the world. We support our trans and gender creative children and youth, we offer rituals of healing and validation to trans people in transition, and we honor our trans leaders and religious professionals.

In the wake of recent events and the Trump administration’s continued assault on trans lives, TRUUsT calls on Unitarian Universalists everywhere to take immediate action to live out the above truths and directly support trans UUs. Unitarian Universalism’s commitment to trans lives is all too often aspirational rather than true today. According to a recent survey, only 28% of trans UUs feel that their congregation is fully inclusive of them as trans people. We need this to change, because trans lives are at stake.

Will you take action to care for the trans people within Unitarian Universalism who need the support of our faith community right now? Below are five actions that TRUUsT calls on UUs everywhere to take. We hope we can count on you to act and share this call.

If you are a non-binary person, a trans woman, a trans man, or a gender-questioning person, know that you are loved and you are needed in the world. We see you and we care about you. If you are in need of pastoral care, if you’d like to apply for a small survival grant, or if you are struggling with transphobia or trans antagonism in a UU space, please reach out. We are here for you. If you are in crisis, please call Trans Lifeline. You are not alone. Finally, if you are interested in joining a developing virtual community with other trans UUs, express your interest here.

  1. Donate to fund trans UUs’ healing and survival. Already made a donation to one or more trans organizations in the last week? Make an equal-sized or larger donation now so we can give small grants to trans UUs in need, particularly trans UUs of color, trans women and transfeminine UU folks, disabled trans UU people, and trans UU youth and elders. Show your UU trans kindred that they can depend on their faith community to care for them. Donate now.

  2. Be an accomplice for trans UUs. Are you willing, able, and prepared to show up for trans people in a variety of ways? We are forming a team of people of all sorts (and all genders)—friends, parents, grandparents, ministers, DREs, music directors, other congregational and regional and national leaders and staff, and more—who are willing, able, and prepared to show up for trans people in a variety of ways: everything from promoting calls for donations to intervening with cis UUs who are causing harm to sending care packages to trans UUs in need. Sign up to express interest in joining the UU team of accomplices for trans people.

  3. Hire trans religious professionals for gigs in your congregation or region. If you are looking to hire folks to do guest preaching, lead workshops, help with worship design, or any number of other gigs, consider hiring a trans community minister or other religious professional. More than half of trans religious professionals do not have enough income to meet their personal needs. Stay tuned for the release of our new service directory of trans religious professionals.

  4. Engage in trans education and transformation. Trans people need spiritual communities where we can bring our whole selves, but right now, the vast majority of us aren’t having this experience within Unitarian Universalism. Help change this. One great option is to sign up as a congregation, group, or individual for the self-directed online course Trans Inclusion in Congregations, created for UU congregations by Rev. Mykal Slack and Zr. Alex Kapitan via their Transforming Hearts Collective.

  5. Take action as a congregation on your next move to increase trans access, inclusion, and affirmation. If you are part of a congregation, talk with others about what your next move is, and take action right now. For example: Do you have at least one all-gender bathroom? Do you offer Our Whole Lives for all ages? Are there particular people in your congregation who are causing harm and need intervention? Is there anti-trans legislation in your state that needs to be stopped? Is there a local LGBTQ organization that you could be supporting? Check out these additional questions to consider. If you don’t know what your next move is as a congregation, ask trans members of your congregation or larger community.

The values of Unitarian Universalism are clear and compelling. It’s time for this movement to do more to put its values into concrete action when it comes to affirmation, care, and full belonging of trans people, because lives are on the line. We are grateful to all who carry the flame and the call of our faith and are emboldened by it to fight for trans liberation.

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