We last posted here in 2020! 

2020.  It’s been a long three years, and as we wind our way out of the silence, we wanted to say hello and give you a bit of an update. 

First, we’re growing!  We expect to be close to 150 members when all is said and done.  We are pleased and honored and excited and humbled by the number of trans religious professionals who have joined us in the last few years, and grateful for everyone’s patience as we have moved through the onboarding backlog.  If you are, or know someone who has not applied for membership and wishes to do so, now is a good time.  If you did apply and you haven’t heard from us by April 15, check your spam folder, and if there’s nothing there, send an email to sky at admin@transuu.org and we’ll get you in process.

Second: we’re restructuring!  Or maybe structuring-the-first-time is more accurate. As we grow, we need more structure and systems, so we’re putting them in.  Longtime members will have seen evidence of this in things like setting up a better email system, revitalizing this blog, setting up regular online social events to supplement our regular retreats, and creating other backend improvements.  If you’re a member, check your email for more details.

Third: as part of that restructuring, we have (very part-time) staff!  Rev. Leela Sinha (ze/zim) is our interim director, and Rev. Sky Williams Tao (they/them) is our administrator.  Please welcome them as they support us in moving forward into our future form. If you need to contact us, start with admin@transuu.org and you’ll get routed to the right person.

We have so many exciting ideas and possibilities ahead of us, and we’re so glad you’re reading along here as we pick up steam.  Check back for more updates as we go!

Thank you so much for being here.  We’re truly glad you’re with us.

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1 Response to We last posted here in 2020! 

  1. sarahgmillspaugh says:

    Wonderful to see you back on the blog, TRUUST friends! That’s fantastic that TRUUST has grown so much in the past few years. What a joy and a blessing!

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