TRUUsT Releases Report on the Experiences of Trans Unitarian Universalists

Experiences of Trans Unitarian Universalists: Report on the 2018 Survey of Trans UUsToday, TRUUsT has released a report that provides an unprecedented look at the the experiences of trans Unitarian Universalists, based on a survey of hundreds of trans UUs conducted in spring 2018 by TRUUsT and the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Multicultural Ministries office.

The report provides a portrait of who trans UUs are, shares trends in their experiences of inclusion and marginalization in UU congregations, gives a snapshot of the particular experiences of trans religious professionals, and offers actions that all Unitarian Universalists can take to improve the experiences of trans people within Unitarian Universalism. Continue reading

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TRUUsT Announces New Service Directory of Trans and/or People of Color UU Religious Professionals

Hire us!

TRUUsT is excited to announce the launch of a new service directory of trans and/or people of color Unitarian Universalist community ministers, religious educators, and other religious professionals who are available to do consultations, trainings, guest preaching, and other work with UU congregations, regions, and other groups. Continue reading

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Prayers for Trans Day of Remembrance 2018

CandleToday, November 20, we mourn, along with trans people and our loved ones all over the world. In the words of Monica Roberts:

“It’s been 20 years since Gwen Smith created the TDOR to remember the people that we have lost due to anti-trans violence. And it’s also been 20 years since Rita Hester was murdered, and her killer not being brought to justice. We have another 22 people who were murdered in 2018 [in the USA], and as per usual in the States, they are disproportionately African American trans people. Internationally Brazil depressingly leads the pack in being the most dangerous nation to be trans.

“Say their names. Their trans lives mattered.”

As trans Unitarian Universalist leaders, we grieve our fallen kindred, we offer care to each other and our communities, and we vow to keep fighting. Below are three prayers offered by TRUUsT members, trans Unitarian Universalist leaders. Continue reading

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TRUUsT Calls on All Unitarian Universalists to Take Action to Support Trans UUs

take action.pngUnitarian Universalism is a faith that values gender diversity and affirms the sacredness of all genders. We strive to be a religion where trans people can find a spiritual home and bring forward spiritual gifts born of a unique and valuable perspective on the world. We support our trans and gender creative children and youth, we offer rituals of healing and validation to trans people in transition, and we honor our trans leaders and religious professionals.

In the wake of recent events and the Trump administration’s continued assault on trans lives, TRUUsT calls on Unitarian Universalists everywhere to take immediate action to live out the above truths and directly support trans UUs. Unitarian Universalism’s commitment to trans lives is all too often aspirational rather than true today. According to a recent survey, only 28% of trans UUs feel that their congregation is fully inclusive of them as trans people. We need this to change, because trans lives are at stake.

Will you take action to care for the trans people within Unitarian Universalism who need the support of our faith community right now? Below are five actions that TRUUsT calls on UUs everywhere to take. We hope we can count on you to act and share this call. Continue reading

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Interim TRUUsT Steering Committee

TRUUsT is happy to announce that three members of our community have volunteered to serve as interim/acting steering committee members and help TRUUsT move forward in our work as a community. After putting out a call for volunteers, exactly the number of folks we needed volunteered: Adrian Ballou, Christe Lunsford, and Andre Mol.

TRUUsT’s current practice is to elect new steering committee members at our annual retreat, which is currently planned for early 2019. So until then, meet TRUUsT’s interim steering committee! Continue reading

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Update on TRUUsT Leadership

TRUUsT is saddened to share that Rev. Anya Johnston and Terry Cummings are no longer on the steering committee of TRUUsT. Both Anya and Terry profoundly broke the TRUUsT covenant and would not engage in efforts to call them back to covenant.

As a Unitarian Universalist covenanted community of multiply marginalized people, our shared agreements are deeply rooted in our faith and our belief that how we are together is the first and foremost way we can create the change we seek in the world. Without a covenant, there is no trust, and without trust, there can be no TRUUsT. Continue reading

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Prayer for Trans* Day of Visibility

by Mr. Barb Greve


Blessed are the trailblazers,
who brought us this far,
and are still trailblazing…
still celebrating.

Blessed are the drag queens and kings,
who remind us to not take life too seriously.

Blessed are the gender benders, non-binary, gender fluid, and third-gender folk, those who challenge us to reframe our gender paradigm.

Continue reading

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Survey of Trans+ Unitarian Universalists

28378315_10214229601630771_4835936903880507392_nThe steering committee of TRUUsT has teamed up with the Unitarian Universalist Association’s office of Multicultural Growth & Witness to collect data on the experiences of Unitarian Universalists who are transgender, non-binary, intersex, agender, Two Spirit, or otherwise not cisgender.

This survey will add to the information that TRUUsT already has about trans UU religious professionals in particular, while also creating a snapshot of the experiences of lay and professional trans UUs alike. If you are a trans Unitarian Universalist, please take the survey!


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A Reflection on the 18th Transgender Day of Remembrance (#TDOR)

B Herbert TDOR quote Continue reading

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Two Trans UU Ministers Called to Settled Ministry

TRUUsT is thrilled to announce that two trans ministers have been called to new Unitarian Universalist pulpits: Rev. Dawn Fortune and Rev. Otto O’Connor. Both have been called as settled ministers.

Rev. Dawn Fortune was called to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Jersey Shore in Galloway Township, New Jersey. Rev. Dawn currently serves as interim minister at both Emerson UU Chapel in the St. Louis area and the First Unitarian Church of Alton, Illinois. They graduated from Andover Newton Theological School in 2015 with a Master’s of Divinity and are in the process of earning a Graduate Certificate in Sexuality and Religion at Pacific School of Religion. Rev. Dawn was ordained into the UU ministry in 2015.

Dawn_laying on hands

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Jersey Shore members participate in a laying on of hands to welcome Rev. Dawn Fortune. Photo courtesy of UUCSJS.

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