TRUUsT is a completely volunteer-run organization that depends on your support. Please consider making a donation to fund our vital work. 100% of your donation (minus processing fees) will directly support trans religious professionals.


TRUUsT is in the process of moving to a new fiscal sponsor, so to make a donation at this time, please contact us at for details. We particularly encourage Welcoming Congregations to consider making a one-time or annual plate collection for TRUUsT.

Rapid-Response Fund

If you feel so moved, you can also make a donation to support TRUUsT’s rapid-response fund to support trans Unitarian Universalists—both lay and professional. Thanks to this fund we are able to make small rapid-response grants to trans UUs in need, particularly trans UUs of color, trans women and transfeminine UU folks, disabled trans UU people, and trans UU youth and elders. If you are such a trans UU in need, contact us at for details on how to request a grant.