TRUUsT Announces New Service Directory of Trans and/or People of Color UU Religious Professionals

Hire us!

TRUUsT is excited to announce the launch of a new service directory of trans and/or people of color Unitarian Universalist community ministers, religious educators, and other religious professionals who are available to do consultations, trainings, guest preaching, and other work with UU congregations, regions, and other groups.

The directory is a collaboration between two UU identity-based communities of religious professionals: TRUUsT and the Finding Our Way Home community. The brainchild of Rev. Leela Sinha, it grew out of TRUUsT’s November 2018 call on Unitarian Universalists everywhere to take action to support trans Unitarian Universalists. One of the five actions that TRUUsT called on UUs to take was to hire trans religious professionals for gigs in congregations and regions, since this is a key way that our movement can honor the spiritual leadership and skills of trans UUs and also materially support us. The majority of trans religious professionals today do not have enough income to meet their personal needs.

If you are looking to hire folks to do guest preaching, lead workshops, help with worship design, do consultations, or any number of other professional gigs, consider hiring a community minister or other religious professional who is trans and/or a person of color. Check out the new service directory now.


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